The universe has a single law that applies to everything, and anyone can attain health and happiness by proceeding in accordance with that law. But going against that law will bring illness, accidents, and other misfortune. Shinreikyo teaches this fundamental law of the universe: i.e., the existence of this truth. What distinguishes Shinreikyo is that it does not simply expound this theory, but also demonstrates it with facts. Kanichi Otsuka, the founder of Shinreikyo, put it this way: "Where there is truth, actual proof will always follow." Proof of the truth is manifested by miracles. This means that cares and problems are resolved, and one's character can improve. Miracles really happen, and you too can learn the fundamental law of the universe by experiencing them. In this way we can find a new way of living for a new age.
The teachings of Kyososama
(Shinreikyo founder Kanichi Otsuka) will lead you down the path of truth.