Not a single person has been born into this world under his or her own power. Every single person has been born thanks to all-encompassing natural law, i.e., the Divine Way.
Yet, owing to the amazing development of material science, modern humans have lost sight of natural law and the Divine Way, and they have convinced themselves that all things are possible by their own powers alone. They deviate from nature's reason, and that generates contradictions that are imposed on humanity. In today's world these contradictions are causing chaos and friction in everything of no matter what magnitude, and we are at the brink of humanity's demise.
An introspective reassessment of ourselves will show that human beings are totally incapable of living under their own power. For example, when we swallow food it becomes nutrition and blood, and the nutrients are equally supplied to exhausted parts of the body, in time becoming bones, muscle, hair, nails, and the like, and even while we sleep our hearts beat and we continue to breathe. In so doing, human beings are able to live out their allotted life spans of 50 or 100 years, or whatever.

If we closely watch the way we are given life, it becomes clear that at work here is the prodigious way of God, i.e., natural law. We will also no doubt notice how weak our own powers are.
Therefore, no matter how splendid their own powers may be, there is no way for human beings to fully manifest their own true worth other than by acting in accord with all-encompassing natural law, the way of God. If the self truly desires happiness, then the only thing to be done is submit to the law by which the self comes into being and is allowed to remain in existence.
In the universe there is assuredly a great law that causes the creation and constant change of all things. That law is the "Divine Way" in religious parlance, "truth" in the language of philosophy, and the "fundamental principle of existence" of all things in the words of science.
Accordingly, if humanity desires true happiness and perpetual advancement, people should immediately abandon the error of excessive self-confidence, open the mind's eye, awaken to the existence of natural law, i.e., the Divine Way, and strive to set things right in accordance with that law. Only after having done so will today's worldwide chaos and frictional strife be resolved, and give way to an ideal society beyond imagining.
If on the other hand human beings continue on their present course with excessive self-confidence, humanity will, in direct proportion to the extent of today's highly developed material science culture, proceed at breakneck speed down the road to ruin.

"Modern man has excessive self-confidence and invites disaster upon himself as he diverges from the way of God."
"Philosophical truth is known as the way of God in religion, and in science is the principle of existence; those who run counter to them will perish."
"Do not despoil the other; the other is your parent's body; the merging of you and the other creates the future you."
"It is difficult to collect worldly treasure, but everybody is endowed with the freedom to obtain fulfillment of the true self."