Living in accordance with the law of the universe allows people to experience many wonderful improvements in their lives: their health improves, their personalities improve, and their talents flower. Women can have babies in natural childbirth without labor pains. When it comes time for a person to die, he or she can depart this life without fear of death and without suffering. Wonderful changes occur in all aspects of a follower's life. Experiences like these are the miracles of Shinreikyo.

Generally "miracle" is thought to signify an event that occurs only rarely and transcends common knowledge, but living in accordance with the law of the universe makes it possible for anyone to experience miracles. In fact, many miracles happen every day in Shinreikyo.

Kyososama explains miracles this way:

"Phenomena that are unfathomable by human knowledge and experience are called miracles. But miracles are by no means contrary to science. A miracle occurs under circumstances in which it should occur: in harmony with the principle of the very nature of things. This principle, however, cannot yet be explained using modern scientific knowledge."