When the sun appears over the horizon, the darkness of night vanishes and a new morning comes. All things awaken from a deep sleep, and a world of harmony and joy evolves.

Soon the world will be visited by a great transformation that can be likened to dawn. We are making the transition from the age of "Night", characterized by darkness and fighting, to the age of "Day", a time of light and peace. It is a grand change even greater than the change experienced by a fetus that has grown and developed in the darkness of its mother's womb and then is born into a world filled with sunlight.

Yet, humanity continues suffering in the midst of strife and chaos even though we have already arrived at this time of transformation. This is not a sign that we are bound to perish; rather, it is the suffering of labor pains that accompany the birth of something new. If we are able to find the right path now, humanity can take its first steps into an ideal world, the likes of which we have never imagined.

Shinreikyo miracles are none other than events that announce the coming of this new age. They demonstrate the existence of God to humanity, which has lost sight of Him, and they show humanity the path it should follow. Since ancient times it has been said that "the light is from the East," and indeed the spiritual sun that will shine on this new age is about to emerge from the Land of the Rising Sun in the Orient. Its effulgent light is about to bring dawn to the world.

Shinreikyo uses the term "Dawning World" to describe today's world, which is in transition from the age of spiritual "Night" to the age of spiritual "Day". In what we call the "Dawning World Movement", we work to eliminate chaos in the world arising because of this great transition, to save all people, and to bring about world peace.